Closing the project

The closing phase can often be overlooked by project management or the team but is truly valuable.  There is information that can be gained by closing a project, which can benefit future projects and teams.  As the final phase, it may be easier to set this aside however there are sets of activities that can be done to ensure project completion.


Hand-off to implementing organization The project team ensures that the identified hand-off activities from planning phase are utilized to help with transitioning any documents, procedures, and help systems to the implementing organization.
Ensure project deliverables meet stakeholder requirements Receive approval from stakeholders that the deliverables that may have been changed during the change management process, completed, tested and transferred to implementing organization have been met.
Close Project First verify that all project contracts originated for the project have been closed. Next, all activity records should be reviewed and archived as lessons learned. Lastly, project plan and revisions should be reviewed for full completion as well.
Release resources Team members can be released to the parent organization along with any newly acquired resources such as tools, furniture, software, etc. that were used for the project.
Evaluate the project process Data should be collected from project team members such as their perspective regarding the project. These improvements may be stored in a knowledge base for future project teams to follow.


  • Updated Project Management Plan

Closed Contracts