Controlling the project

The fifth stage in the project management process is the controlling phase. During this phase, data is continuously gathered to interpret any face variances, evaluate overall project performance and resource utilization.  Activities during this my phase include:

Monitoring Scope The project manager will monitor for any unexpected changes, scope creep, to the develop course(s). Any changes made to plan will need to refer to the Change Management Plan.
Monitoring the schedule The Project Manger will monitor the project schedule and resources and make adjusts the plan if need be.
Monitoring the budget The project manager will conduct weekly status meetings with the project team to ensure that all tracked expenses do not increase the estimated budget.
Managing sponsor and stakeholder expectation In order to manage expectations the communication plan needs to be utilized to ensure project active and non-active sponsors or stakeholders are informed of any status changes.
Monitoring Risk During the weekly status reviews for schedule and budget, a review of risk must also take place. The project manger should utilize the Risk management plan and check to see if any risks did occur, how to respond to any and identify any new ones as the project continues.


Controlling phase inputs and outputs

Inputs Outputs or Deliverables
  • Requested changes
  • Suggested corrections
  • Suggested preventive activities
  • Suggested course updates
  • Approved requests for change
  • Approved corrections
  • Approved preventative activities
  • Approved course updates