Overview of the Project Management Model

What are E-Learning Projects?

E-Learning projects share many qualities as other projects however they have higher a higher amount of variables working as constraints, impeding their completion or overall quality. This learning guide will aid you in building a project plan that will utilize the best of both instructional design and project management models for future e-learning projects.

What is Project Management?

Whether you are designing a wedding, building a home, or developing a new online program, a great deal of planning is involved to begin and complete each of those projects. Project planning can be defined as the ability to break down complex projects into simplified tasks that can be scheduled from their initiation to their completion by managing or acquiring necessary resources.

Can ADDIE be used for E-Learning Project Management?

Project Management and Instructional Design follow models that seem similar but actually are not interchangeable.  ADDIE was never intended to be used as a model for project management however we can still recognize its similarities to a project management model for its details regarding e-learning design. For those not familiar to the ADDIE model click here to review.

What is the project management model?

There are multiple project management models but the most popular is the IPECC model named after its five phases Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing. In this learning guide you will become familiar with the IPECC and the phases that make up the model.