Initiating the Project

Before a project can begin we need to gather data to achieve two deliverables: a project charter and a preliminary project scope. To start we must recognize the common roles of a team that will implement the project.

Project Team Roles
Sponsor This individual will authorize the project, outline the business needs for the course, set goals and inspire the team.
Project manager This individual is responsible for managing the project, executing the plan, communicating the status of project to stakeholders and creating a project team.
Stakeholder An individual who is interested in the project and contribute by giving productive feedback.
Subject matter Expert An individual who works within the project as a full /part time member with an expertise relating to the project or its activities.
Customer This individual is the one who will ultimately use the product or online courses. They review course navigation, language used, and accessibility (technology and geography).
Supplier This individual provides the resources needed for course design, development, and implementation.

**Take note that it is not unusual for one individual to serve multiple roles such as subject matter excerpt, project manager and sponsor.

Project Charter

Now that we know the common roles that a project team we can begin writing up the Project Charter. The project charter is based on the data gathered in relation to the project and input by the project sponsor. The charter will be review by the Project Manager and Project Sponsor but ultimately approved by the Project Manger to proceed with the project.

Since planning a project takes time and resources that require approval, the project charter will answer two questions:

  • What you plan to do?

Why you think it needs to be done?

Project Charter Template:

Sample Charter Click Here

Communication is also important when working in small or large projects. It ensures that no potential contributor is left out of the loop or misinformed. It is key to begin developing a communication strategy that will answer the following:

Who will be communicating?

To whom the communication will be delivered?

How the communication will be delivered?

When will communication take place?

Where will information be stored?

Example of simple communication plan for small project

Preliminary Scope

Usually one paragraph long the preliminary scope identifies the following:

  • Initial project organization
  • Project goal(s)
  • Dates of key project events
  • Budget and resources constraints