Planning the project

The second phase of the project management plan is the Planning phase that will identify all the necessary processes and procedures needed to complete the project. Input from the Project charter and Preliminary scope from the Initiating phase will help the project manager and key team members to develop the projects plan.

One item to note is the project plan is one to be reference daily and not set aside.  If there are any variables that could delay, constrain, advance the project, then the plan will need to be updated accordingly. The project plan is made up of the following sections:

Planning the Plan Section

Planning the Plan Section
Scope definition Full description of the Project
Work breakdown structure (WBS) A deliverable-based decomposition of the project
Risk Management Plan Identifies the potential risks and their respected responses.
Change Management Plan Defines the processes & documents needed to make any changes to the project.
Schedule Lists and labels the start and end dates of the project and each of its activities.
Budget Lists the costs for the resources needed to complete the project.
Staffing Plan Lists the number of personnel needed to complete the project and their skills.
Communication Management Plan Defines the type of communication, information, process of delivery, who to receive that information, and by when.
Procurement Plan Lists the resources planned to be purchased, date of purchase, and how to obtain/evaluate suppliers.