Quality Management

Every E-Learning project plan should have an accompanying quality plan to ensure that the outcome of the project meets specific expectations mentioned on the project charter.

Quality Materials Description
Standards Instructions how a project activity should be accomplished
Guidelines Does not give direct instruction how to specifically complete a project but rather guide the project to meet the intended goal.
Templates Blank documents or style sheets used at multiple stages of the project .
Procedures Outlines the steps for an areas in a project.
Process Description of how something works and explains why and how.
User Guides Instructions on how to apply procedures to the project.
Example Documents Supportive documents which are examples from prior projects.
Methodology A collection of processes, procedures, templates and tools to guide the project’s team.

With each project we also have a set of many deliverables that also need to be reviewed for quality.  We can do this with the following quality events:

Quality Event Description
Expert Review An expert in the area will review the individual deliverables.
Peer Review A review of the deliverables to ensure they are well engineered.
Multi-Person Review The use of multiple independent reviewers to reach an agreement of conflicting opinions.
Walk through A review structured to validate the content and structure of a deliverable.
Formal Inspection An external expert inspects to the project’s deliverable(s).
Standard Audit A reviewer ensures particular deliverables meet a set of standards.
Process Review A review at the beginning and end of a project to verify that process actions have been taken, information recorded, procedures followed and any differences are noted.